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Consider Me for Parent Board Member,

Education is key for successful societies.

 My passion is to give back to the community that helped support me in taking that first step towards the college journey many years ago. Joining the Almond Acres Charter Academy as a Parent Board Member will allow me to do just that. 


Two years ago, I moved back into the Paso Robles community after living in Sacramento for 10 years where I earned a Bachelors in Communication Studies. I’ve spent a lot of time as a news editor leading a team of staff writers whom I helped coach to become better journalists. 


Fostering relationships is paramount not only in the business world but also for a charter academy. I resonate with the mission and vision of AACA and look forward to being an asset in expanding its visibility within the community and elsewhere. 


I am a mother of two, my son is in kindergarten and my daughter will be joining in two years. We love the outdoors and go hiking, to the beach, or take trips to go snowboarding in the winter. My son and I are avid gamers and you can find us playing Minecraft or Mario’s Odyssey on a school night after chores and homework. We are an Apple family, my husband and I both work for the company and love using our Apple products to facilitate everyday tasks or capture memories. 


Visit my website, to view my resume and some of my published news pieces. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 


I look forward to serving AACA as a Parent Board Member, 

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