Editorial Experience


My background in news writing and editing has not only allowed me to develop and express my passion for writing, it has taught me about networking, project management, and levelheadedness. 


Fostering relationships is paramount not only in news, but in any business. Knowing who to talk to has managed to aid me in meeting countless deadlines. The ability to stay levelheaded when juggling varying facets of a project is a strong-suit. Editing various news stories, researching new story ideas, checking and providing feedback on live Twitter sport updates, while approving the weekly print newspaper layout is one example of an editor’s afternoon. It is paying attention to the details and ensuring the project is on task for deadline that appeals to my personality. 

Campaign Director

Aside from my editorial experience for various online and print publications, I also ran a successful 4-month campaign. As campaign director for the Green and Gold Campaign it was my job to manage a team of 60. Our goal was to infuse a lasting brand identity amongst the student body at California State University, Sacramento. It began with research. Conducting focus groups and runnings surveys allowed us to strategize for the campaign. Working with the university’s administration, writing and approving various business proposals, securing television airtime in both English and Spanish markets as well as establishing a social media presence were tasks I oversaw as campaign director. We presented our findings to the university’s president and achieved institutionalization of our campaign directive. Wednesdays became Green and Gold days, an opportunity for staff and students to display their school identity. 

One thing that sets me apart 

An audience’s perspective is a valuable asset that sets me apart.

I have always maintained an audience's perspective. As an AppleCare Advisor, a role I have excelled in for five years, I have experienced a multitude of management style. I have learned a lot about what works for engagement in a virtual environment and I am excited to continue to improve upon that strategy. I look forward to discussing and comparing different types of leadership techniques and which aspects are the most effective. 

I look forward to an interview opportunity,

Ilian Cervantes-Branum

My Background